Library snacks

B2 Club Salad
Cesar Salad with standing stone cheese, fried bacon and croutons

with additional fried chicken: +CHF 7.50 16.00 CHF
Homemade leek-quiche with small mixed salad 22.50 CHF
Beefsteak tartar
Beefsteak tartar, 140g, served with sliced radish, leaves of rocket and small seasonal salad

Small portion, 70g, CHF 23.50 33.00 CHF
Mixed plate
Mixed plate with regional cheese and dried meet specialties
small / big 25.00 / 38.00 CHF
Small seasonal salad
Small seasonal salad 7.50 CHF
Cold cuts salad
Salad made of Cervelat and Emmental cheese, served with a small salad bouquet 22.50 CHF
B2 Beefburger
with Gruyère cheese, served with sour cream and small salad 24.50 CHF

SWaPPa's - cold

Spanischbrödli with salmon tartar
served with horseradish sour cream and small seasonal salad 33.00 CHF

SWaPPa's - warm

Spanischbrödli with minced veal “Zurich style”
served with marinated vegetables, rocket salad

35.00 CHF


Spanischbrödli with hazelnut-carrot filling
The classic variation from our baker Moser's from Baden 6.50 CHF
Sorbetteo ice cream & sorbet
vanilla, chocolate, fior di latte, strawberry, raspberry, lemon-lime 6.00 CHF
Homemade birchermüesli
7.50 CHF
Chocolate terrine
with raspberry sauce and fresh fruits 11.00 CHF

cheese specialities from Canton Zurich

Züri Highlands cheese plate
Mountainspruce,Trufflebrie and Jersey Blue
Pilgrimcheese, Bachtelstone, Standing Stone

Served with chutney, orange mustard, butter and a range of bread 27.00 CHF
Cheese for one
Choice 3 of our cheeses yourself

Served with chutney, orange mustard, butter and a range of bread 16.50 CHF
Cheese for two
Züri Highlands cheese plate with a goat soft cheese in addition

Served with chutney, orange mustard, butter and a range of bread 38.50 CHF


mountain spruce - Bergfichte
Intense aromatic soft cheese made of raw milk. Similar to a ‘Vacherin Mont d’Or’ it ages in a skin of wood. The tree bark gives the cheese its distinctive, light wooden taste.
truffle brie - Trüffelbrie
This aromatic mountain brie from Kleinbäretswil is filled with the best cream cheese, butter and truffles.
Mild, aromatic and extremely creamy in taste. The brie is covered with fine white mould.
Jersey Blue
Family Schmid from Lichtensteig produced this soft cheese out of raw milk from the Jersey cows.
The cheese is slightly crumbly and nerved by fine blue mould.
After a maximum of three months of ripening, the rustic looking cheese develops a mild, aromatic and a one-of-a-kind taste.
pilgrim cheese - Pilgerkäse
A semi-hard cheese from raw milk manufactured along the famous St. James’ Way. This Unique cheese was always a welcoming strengthening for the pilgrims from Konstanz, therefor it is named `Pilgrims cheese`. The cheese has a mild aroma with fine acids.
bachtel stone - Bachtelstein
Very aromatic semi-hard cheese. Manufactured by the Chäsi Girenbad, this speciality is a real treat.
This cheese got rubbed in with nut extracts.
standing stone - Hinkelstein
Hard cheese out of raw milk. This aromatic heavyweight from our selection, presents itself as very aromatic and spicy without becoming sharp. Cheese master Bruno Pfister ripens the cheese for at least 18 months.

Hotelinfos A bis Z

Thermalbad & SPA

Experience the World of Thermal Water

Bathe under hundred-year-old vaulted ceilings in giant wooden vats modelled after the barrels in the former brewery. Indulge in the sensations of thermal water with massage jets, bubble seats, a spa bath, a massage lane, whirlpools and a relaxation area with a shallow water zone. Other highlights include the emerald bath, a meditation pool with underwater music, a steam bath and a refreshing Kneipp wading pool.
The pinnacle is bathing in open air on the roof of the brew house while taking in the panoramic view over the city of Zurich and the mountains beyond.
In between, visit our bistro-lounge and take a break in the inviting atmosphere. Taste our fresh homemade creations, salads and sweets. Enjoy a glass of wine or Prosecco, or drink a refreshing Lassi or freshly-squeezed juice.

Replenish your health and vitality.